Studio Policy


Tuition is a prepaid block of 10 lessons.
Fees are due the first lesson of each block.
Accepted method of payment:  E-transfer
NOTE: Failure to make payment will result in the forfeit of lesson time.


Each student has a reserved lesson time, and is responsible for that time. If a student is unable to attend their lesson, they must notify the studio as soon as possible. Make up lessons or credit may be provided, at the teacher’s discretion, for the following circumstances:

  • Illness  (Students are NOT to attend in-studio lessons while ill or running a fever. Please consider all possible symptoms linked to Covid 19.)

  • Inclement weather

Absences due to family vacations or sporting events are NOT eligible for credit.

Teacher cancellations:  These lesson cancellations will be credited

Parental Involvement

Maintaining effective communication between teacher, student, and parent is key.  Lesson notes are emailed on a weekly basis. Parents/students are encouraged to print out their lesson notes and place them in a binder, so as to have them easily accessible as reference for their daily practice sessions and for future lessons.

  • Please Note:  Students under the age of 10 must have a parent or guardian present in the waiting room for the duration of the lesson.


Lessons will not be offered on statutory holidays.
In addition, the studio will be closed:

  • Halloween

  • Christmas break

  • March break

Lesson Termination

When a student must discontinue lessons, a two week notice is required. The remaining tuition, minus two weeks, will be refunded. Attendance during the final two weeks will be at the student’s discretion.

The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons without notice. In such cases the remaining tuition will be refunded in full.

This policy can be changed at any time at the teacher’s discretion. Parents will be notified of any changes.